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Giant Days Volume 3
by John Allison

This was about how Esther's boy friend likes another person and not Esther and was deleting what she kept of her and was going to a different person and how Daisy was trying to find if she likes girls or boys also how Esther was into a teacher.

Giant Days volume 2
by John Allison

This book was about how they went to a winter dance and Esther finds out that her best boy friend loves her. She was drunk so she said it back to him too and how they left college for winter vacation and when they came back they had to take their big test. Esther did not study so she had to wing it. Susan had slept with the person she liked in high school.

Giant Days Vol 1
by John Allison

This book was about how three teens that are in college became best friends and the journey thorough college was hard and how Daisy Wooton is into girls and the other teen Esther is a drama girl and her best boy friend likes her but she does not know it and how Susan Sotolemy's best friend that she liked told her he did not like her. He went to a different girl that he liked and then they dated and he came to the college she was attending.

Mangamania Drawing action style Japanese comics
by Chris Hart

I like this book because it helped me out with drawing my own characters

The Elsewhere Chronicles
by Bannister Nykko

Its a very exiting book with lots of actions that I think most people would understand

by racheal cohn

This book is very entertaining it is about a girl that was born sixteen it was a real page turner.

Thirteen Reasons Why
by Jay Asher

This book is about a girl that killed herself because of various reasons that happen in the book.

The Fault In Our Stars
by John Green

I love this book it is about a girl with cancer and a guy with a prosthetic leg and the girl thinks she is going to die but later on finding out that the boy does.

Dear Dumb Diary Year Two
by Jim Benton

The book is about how this now middle school girl is saying that school has gone on long enough and she and her friends try doing something about it.

Dork Diarys
by Rachel Renee Russell

I love this book it is about a girl that has a crush on a boy and the boy likes her too, but another girl likes him and wants to steal him from her.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 8
by Jeff Kinney

I love this book, I wish they would make more ,I will love to read it in the future.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
by Jeff Kinney

I love this book It is about a kid that has a hard life and an even harder school life.

Champion Marie Lu
by Marie Lu

I like this book. It is very action packed. I recommend this book and the legend series to others.

Zen And The Art Of Faking It
by Jordan Sonnebrick

This book actually use my kind of humor instead of fart jokes

Darth Vader And Son
by Jeffry Brown

I like this book because it shows a different side of Darth Vader
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